smartphoto Instant Books

smartphoto Instant Books

Automatic Photobook Maker

Making a photo-book from your smartphone photos is as easy as Smart, Simple, Smile.
You'll receive a top quality photobook on high quality paper.


Once you open the Instant Books app your photos on your smartphone are ‘automagically’ sorted into meaningful events. You no longer need to sort through all your photos to select the ones you want to cherish. Select your event and your photo-book preview will be ready in just a few moments... Photos that are too dark or too blurry, duplicates, screenshots, a shot of a document ... are simply ignored ... Smart!


Simply swipe through your photobook preview and edit by tapping and dragging. Replace the photos you don’t want in your book, delete others, change your backgrounds ... or just enjoy the first look at your treasured memories. Happy with the result? Choose your photo-book cover and size and order... Simple.


Sit back and relax for your photobook to be delivered at your doorstep. Enjoy your beautiful photos in a high-quality photo book for years to come. Show it to friends and family and browse through your book to remember the good times and ... Smile :-)


• Simply use the photos directly from your smartphone; AI-technology recognises events and assesses the quality of your photos
• Photo-book automatically created for you
• Easy to edit the photobook by swiping, tapping and dragging
• Choose between different photobook sizes and/or covers
• Photobook has 20 to 80 pages depending on the number of photos
• Receive a real physical photobook on high quality paper printed by our professional photofinishing lab
• User-friendly App design